Kuliashou: I will keep going to France like I did before


The former Minister of Internal Affairs, who is not allowed to enter the EU, boasts with his impunity.

The former Minister of Internal Affairs Anatol Kuliashou has got a job in the CIS’s executive committee as an advisor in the department of crime control, terrorism and drug threat.
He says that his business is good; he does not have any preferences in his new position. At first Kuliashou refused from an interview:
“I have given you so many of those interviews that you are probably already sick of reading them”.
Then he spoke on the phone with a Radio Svaboda’s reporter.
As the Minister of Internal Affairs Anatol Kuliashou guided the dispersal of the square protest on 19 December 2010. Has he changed his attitude to those events?
— I did not and do not change my positions as well as my attitude to everything I have done. I am not a political prostitute. I am a man of a word, if I said something, I would do that. And I was not going, am not going and will never change my position as to what happened. Because I acted according to the law, in the framework of my competences which I did not exceed even a bit.
— So you are not ashamed, are you?
— I am not ashamed.
Responding to the request to comment on the criminal case against his former deputy Yaugeni Paludzen, Anatol Kuliashou said:
— I will not comment on that. It is not in my competence to comment. Address someone who is in the right to comment on that.
— You are in the European Union’s list of the people not allowed to enter…
— Why does it bother you? Does not Kuliashou have anywhere else to go? Cannot one see another way out but Europe? I will go to another country if not to Europe.
— So it will not affect your official duties in the new position…
— It will not. France was the example for that, when you wanted to imprison me there. I went there then and I will go now. So do not worry, I will keep going there like I did before.
Anatol Kuliashou commanded the operation of the dispersal of the mass street protest on 19 December 2010.