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Politics and News from Belarus - Charter'97


Parties Come Under Fire
15:50, 11/07/2003


Foreign Ministry Awaits NTV Apologies
15:17, 11/07/2003

Official Minsk claims that the Russian television channel NTV must bring its apologies provided it wants the resumption of operation on the country’s territory, Interfax quotes the Foreign Minister of Belarus Sergei Martynov as saying.

“Predprinimatelskaya Gazeta” Still Under Ban
15:16, 11/07/2003

The Ministry of information of Belarus cancelled one reprimand, issued on June 11 against the founders of “Predprinimatelskaya Gazeta” Gleb Bogomolov, Oleg Drozdov and Igor Kovalevich. The Ministry accused them of changing the editorial board’s legal address and the theme of edition. The founders immediately filed complaint to the Information Ministry, as far as under the Law on press a periodical can inform the Information Ministry on the change of address and theme in course of one month.

Russian Journalists Urge Belarus to Give Up “Lawlessness Typical of Police State”
15:15, 11/07/2003

The Union of journalists of Russia issued a statement concerning the shutdown of NTV office in Belarus. The statement reads that the Belarusian authorities yet another time demonstrated their understanding of the freedom of speech and expression, as well as the right for free information dissemination by journalists. “Such an attitude to the fundamental human rights is typical of all totalitarian and authoritarian regimes,” – reads the text of their statement on the matter.

Premier’s Karma
14:51, 11/07/2003, Julia Sharova, “Belorusskiye Novosti”

With Premier Gennady Novitsky’s resignation there ended another era in the country’s economic history – the time of great hopes and illusions, which all proved futile at the end. It is during Novitsky’s era that there emerged hopes for “unprecedented liberalization” and it is during the past few years that they talked especially a lot about real privatization, still hindering the development of private business. However, this had nothing to do with the initiatives and aspirations of the head of the Cabinet himself – none of his predecessors was so dependent in decision-making as him.

Ann Cooper: Campaign Against Critical Voices in Belarus Reached Catastrophic Proportions
12:48, 11/07/2003

New York, July 10, 2003—The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) condemns the recent closure by the Belarusian authorities of Russian television network NTV’s Belarus bureau, as well as the decision to cancel accreditation for the International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX) and Internews, both U.S. government-funded organizations that provide support to independent media.

Police Beat Up Female Deputy of Krouglyansky District Council
12:06, 11/07/2003

UCP activist, the only opposition deputy of the Krouglyansky district council Zinaida Meleschenko addressed the Mogilev affiliate of the Belarusian Helsinki Committee and the district procuracy with complaint over the policemen’s actions. According to her, they violated her right for the private lodging’s inviolability and applied physical force and violence against her.

Brainwashing the Young
12:03, 11/07/2003, Olga Tomashevskaya, “Belorusskaya Gazeta”

With the start of the new academic year in all Belarusian universities it is planned to introduce ideology subject. The non-state higher educational institutions will likewise be recommended to include such a program into their curriculum.

NTV Channel Leaves Belarus
11:57, 11/07/2003

Employees of the Russian NTV channel are obeying every demand of the Belarusian legislation in order to shut down their Belarusian representation, RIA “Novosti” quotes NTV producer in Minsk Pavel Antonov as saying on Thursday.

Russian FM Seeks to Reopen NTV Bureau in Minsk
11:56, 11/07/2003

Russian Foreign Ministry is actively negotiating with the Belarusian side concerning the shutdown of the NTV office in Belarus, RIA “Novosti” was told at the Thursday press-conference by the official Russian Foreign Ministry representative Alexander Yakovenko.

Academician Evgeny Babosov Beaten Up By Unknown in Minsk
11:55, 11/07/2003, KP in Belarus

The assault occurred at around 9p.m. last Friday. According to Evgeny Mikhailovich, he heard someone’s footsteps behind his back and wanted to turn around but too late – he received a strong blow on his head and lost consciousness. He didn’t see the attackers. Strange as it may sound, but nobody helped the unconscious man. He came back to his senses when it was dark all around. At the moment the man is hospitalized in the surgery department, where he’ll stay for at least another fortnight.

U.S. Embassy Statement on Belarusian Move to Close IREX Office
11:54, 11/07/2003

The United States Embassy strongly supports the statement released July 9 by the International Research and Exchanges Board (IREX) in response to a decision by the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to deny continuation of IREX`s accreditation. The Embassy believes the Ministry`s decision is not warranted and threatens assistance programs that are welcomed by governments committed to democracy and independent media.

US Embassy: Belarus’ Relations with Rest of World Deteriorate
11:52, 11/07/2003

Nine years ago today, Belarus held the last election recognized by the international community as being democratic in character. Relations between Belarus and the rest of the world were excellent and the prospects for progress were great.

Andrei Sannikov: Energy cooperation of Belarus with Europe broken down due to repressions against opposition • 14:59, 25/09/2007
President of PACE: «Dialog with Belarus is impossible without discharge of political prisoners» • 12:32, 25/09/2007
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Official Minsk against Nuclear Weapons • 19:08, 20/09/2007
Georgia supporting Belarus in its “battle” with Russia • 13:58, 20/09/2007
Well-known public figures of Belarus insisting on dialogue • 19:15, 19/09/2007
Attempted Self-Immolation at Palace of Government
12:59, 11/07/2003, photo by "KP in Belarus"


Soccer Gets State Support
16:34, 11/07/2003

Belarusian soccer clubs will receive state support, said at the meeting of the heads of the soccer teams the president of the association “Belarusian federation of soccer” Gennady Nevyglas. According to the newly prepared document, the clubs will be financed on the monthly basis by different organizations, appointed by the state as sponsors. For doing this, these donor-organizations will receive certain privileges in the payment of taxes and some other spheres.

Cashless Ruble to Be Introduced Not Until October
12:08, 11/07/2003,

The cashless Russian ruble will be introduced in Belarus no sooner than in October, reported the National Bank’s sources on Friday. Previously, they intended to launch cashless Russian ruble into circulation in Belarus from July 1 this year.

ILO Alarmed by Trade Unions’ Rights Violations in Belarus, Myanmar
12:00, 11/07/2003

In mid-June Geneva hosted the 91st session of International Labor Organization. Belarus for its violations of trade unionists’ rights was once again inserted into a special paragraph of the report by the Committee for the fulfillment of ILO norms and standards.

Foodstuffs to be removed from markets, aren’t they • 18:28, 30/07/2007
Students to be taught to love their home country • 16:14, 25/07/2007
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Poland to join Schengen zone on January 1, 2008 • 16:59, 11/07/2007
Goods confiscated from entrepreneurs • 12:34, 04/07/2007
Sanitary authorities in Minsk suggest removing retail kiosks • 16:31, 19/06/2007
British embassy announces a change in visa application process • 15:38, 19/06/2007
Kidnapped Belarusian woman freed in Nigeria • 13:40, 17/05/2007
Belarusian entry makes Eurovision final • 15:29, 11/05/2007

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