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Politics and News from Belarus - Charter'97


15:50, 17/07/2003


ZUBR Goes For Solidarity Action with Borisov Military Hospital
16:19, 17/07/2003

An action of solidarity with representatives of the Borisov military hospital, facing liquidation, was manifested today by the ZUBR resistance movements activists. In the downtown they spread out the flyers with calls to embark on the campaign on the protection of hospital. Police detained on the square near the town hall ZUBR volunteer Andrei Drozdovich. They delivered him to the police station, made him write explanatory note and set him free shortly thereafter.

BAJ Stands for "BDG" Office
16:17, 17/07/2003,

Gomel affiliate of the Belarusian Association of Journalists forwarded a letter to the chairman of the Gomel regional hall Alexander Yakobson in connection with the refusal to prolong the agreement on renting the office, occupied by BDG ever since 1998.

More State Secrets
13:20, 17/07/2003, Marina Vishnevskaya, Narodnaya Volya

Recently Alexander Lukashenko signed an order On establishing a list of state bodies and organizations, whose information is considered a state secret.

Zinaida Gonchar: Regime Shows Off
13:04, 17/07/2003

Resumption of investigation into the disappearance of Gonchar and Krasovsky will be futile, assume the wives of the missing. The authorities are doing their best to win time and show off before the public, said in an interview to Narodnaya Volya on July 17 Zinaida Gonchar.

Lukashenko Televised on NTV Air?
13:03, 17/07/2003

NTV correspondent Pavel Selin, recently deported from Belarus, received an apartment in credit in Moscow and starts working as correspondent of information service there. Right now Im passing re-registration from the director of the Minsk bureau into the Moscow correspondent. Next week you may see me on air, said Selin. When asked about the future destiny of the Belarusian NTV office, Pavel Selin said that he had numerously talked to the heads of NTV on the matter. Nobody is going to bring apologies, of course. I figure, they will find an alternative solution. As far as I know, they will give air-time to Lukasenko on Saturday, July 19, in Alexander Gerasimovs program Personal deposit. The journalist expressed hope that things would be made clear shortly thereafter.

Official Information Alone Voiced by FM-Stations
13:02, 17/07/2003

All informational policy of the Belarusian FM-stations is in control of the Information Ministry. The heads of the information services, broadcasting in FM frequencies, have to daily send out the text of the news to the responsible Ministrys officials. Every Monday the founders of radio-stations meet with the Minister himself, who personally defines the priority directions of information policy.

Third Presidential Term? Theres a Way-Out!
11:43, 17/07/2003, Oleg Ulevich, KP v Belarusi

The first days of Alexander Lukashenkos tenth year in office have just begun. On July 10, 1994 we learned the name of the first Belarusian president. Back then we thought that we elected him for five years Recently, Alexander Lukashenko stated that he would not hold referendum on whether or not he should prolong his mandate but rather would consult the nation over the matter. KP addressed the secretary of the Central Electoral Commission Nikolai Lozovik with three serious questions.

"BDG" Reanimated As "Mestnaya Gazeta"
11:41, 17/07/2003

The newspaper BDG, shut down by the Belarusian authorities, keeps struggling for survival. Today its subscribers were mailed an issue of Baranovichi newspaper Mestnaya Gazeta, whose materials were written by the journalists of the closed periodical.

US Congress Set to Consider Act On Foreign Relations
11:30, 17/07/2003

The House of representatives of the US Congress considers the Act on foreign relations for the period of 2004-2005. Part of this draft law is the Act on democracy in Belarus. The law will enable the US Foreign Ministry and Department of state to allocate budget for international relations for the following two years and, as specified in his introductory speech by Christopher Smith, to define the standards of international relations.

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Jewish Bones Scattered Around Grodno?
14:58, 17/07/2003, Andrei Odlyanitsky,


No Business of Law-Enforcement Bodies
14:58, 17/07/2003, Belorussky Rynok

Belarusian privatization, already too inert, may slow down and come to a standstill with the passage of the presidential decree #289 of July 7, 2003. The decree requires that the draft privatization documents before their submission for consideration to the concomitant state body, be examined by the law-enforcement institutions, such as KGB, Committee for state control, Interior Ministry, procuracy and also the Supreme Economic Court of the Republic of Belarus.

No Proof of Leonovs Guilt At This Stage
11:46, 17/07/2003, Radio Svaboda

In the Supreme court of Belarus there continues trial over the former director of the Minsk tractor plant Mikhail Leonov. The lawyers assume that the prosecution hasnt yet provided any reliable evidence of Mikhail Leonovs guilt. And yesterday, on July 16, the witnesses came up with their testimonies, which contradict the mainline version of investigators.

Direct Air Corridor Between Minsk, Teheran
11:36, 17/07/2003

For the first time Minsk and Teheran will enjoy direct air corridor, RIA Novosti quotes representative of the Iranian aviation company Kish Naser Rezvani as saying on Wednesday. According to him, the first such flight will be carried out this coming Saturday.

Deputy MTP Director Apprehended
11:32, 17/07/2003

The arrested man is accused of supplying 400 tractors without preliminary payment via the phony mediator. Ivan Litoshka used to work as first deputy of MTP director general for marketing for around a year. It was him who signed exterior trade contracts, which are now used as evidence for MTP director Mikhail Leonov, who currently stays in jail. Now Litoshka will be held in confinement pending trial. If they prove that Litoshka is guilty of stealing state property, he may face up to 10 years of imprisonment.

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