24 May 2019, Friday, 13:38
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Lukashenka: Russians Increase Shipment Of Petrol, Diesel Fuel To Ukraine


The dictator blurted out who actually fuels Ukrainian tanks.

During the meeting with former foreign ministers of Belarus on January 18, Lukashenka, according to BelTA, “responded to the accusations addressed to the Belarusian side that it supplies diesel fuel to Ukraine, which is later used for military purposes.” It’s not specified from whom such reproaches came, Interfax reports.

Aliaksandr Lukashenka said that he had instructed to figure out what diesel fuel was used in Ukrainian tanks - and he was told that it was Russian.

“And Russians keep selling more and more petrol and diesel fuel to Ukraine. How come? Are we at war with Ukraine or is Russia? And who fuels these tanks? Our sales are dropping. We are being ejected from the Ukrainian market. Not only trade in oil products. The same applies to fertilizers and other goods. Competition is at play. And we get the blame.”

Russians bring the sanction goods from Ukraine, and Belarusians only tell the way, - Lukashenka said.

Lukashenka also made it clear that the figures of sanctioned goods supplies are totally insignificant and drew attention to collusion of Ukrainian and Russian suppliers under the protection of the Russian customs service and other agencies.

“Belarusians stay away from it. If Belarusians are needed after all, then only as a source of directions on how to cross Belarus,” noted Lukashenka.

Last September, Aliaksandr Lukashenka said that it was necessary to “close the border” with Ukraine “for thugs who carry weapons,” since “we see how much trouble iscoming from there for Belarus, including the weapons being shipped”.

But both Belarusian and Ukrainian border guards stated the absence of identified organized channels for the supply of arms, ammunition and explosives on the border of Belarus and Ukraine.

Apart from that, Lukashenka said he was getting “regular reports about a massive flow of weapons from Ukraine”. Like, Russians say “through your border” the weapons are shipped, but the weapons are actually smuggled across the Russian border [with Ukraine] and then via the open Belarusian-Russian border to Belarus.

“It is understandable that someone needs things to be like that. No one would risk it without a good reason. Someone needs these weapons here. And we've already seen who needed them.”

Who, Lukashenka did not specify.

The dictator has also stated he is alerted by the ‘NATO missiles’ in Ukraine.

Lukashenka said that the Treaty on the Elimination of Their Intermediate-Range and Shorter-Range Missiles (the INF Treaty) is actually “crossed out” with the aim of deploying NATO missiles in the territory of Ukraine, Interfax reports.

“And God forbid, there will be shorter and medium-range missiles deployed there ( in the territory of Ukraine - edit.)... now this treaty (the INF Treaty – edit.) has been crossed out. The whole of Russia till the Urals will be fired at by small missiles... So, considering this, we need to close this problem (restore peace in Ukraine — edit.),” Lukashenka said as he met with the Belarusian diplomatic corps on Friday.

Lukashenka said that the conflict in Ukraine is the second most important “gift” for the West after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Therefore, he considers the reproaches to the United States regarding the expansion of NATO incorrect. “I often say in public: listen, they have never dreamed of such a gift that we presented in the form of Ukraine to the West and, above all, to America. The first gift is the collapse of the Soviet Union. The second is Ukraine. Why should we reproach Americans today?” Lukashenka said.

He repeated his thesis that there are political forces in Ukraine that are “worse than NATO”. “There are enough people in Ukraine who will be ten times worse than NATO. We will pray once that NATO is there, and not people who are walking with guns today. And I also brought this position to the Russian leadership. You should also understand and see,” said the dictator.