Viktar Ivashkevich: “Only the enemies of Belarus enjoy the situation”

The political council of the democratic forces has signed three documents today. These are a statement on the arrest of Viktar Ivashkevich , the chairman of the organizational committee of the European March; a call for the authorities to discharge the political prisoners during the forthcoming amnesty, and an appeal to the EU not to go back on the democracy principles dealing with the Belarusian Parliament. Viktar Ivashkevich, the chairman of the organizational committee of the European March gave this information to Charter’97 press center. He has been discharged today after his yesterday’s unlawful detainment by the riot militiamen. The politician called his arrest “a provocation” and declared that the struggle between pro-European and pro-Russian forces continues in the authoritative structures.

“I would declare that in spite of prevocational foul mean tricks of Mr. Padabed’s myrmidons ( the commander of Minsk OMON – remark by Charter’97 press center), all the leaders of the oppositional forces are sure that we mustn’t be led by the provocations, but should have strong position concerning the dialog. We announce that we are ready to discuss with the authorities the possibility of improving relations between Belarus and the EU. This the authorities who will be guilty of the economic crisis in Belarus”, — Viktar Ivashkevich said to Charter’97 press center commenting the results of the meeting of the UDF (United Democratic Forces) political council.

Viktar Ivashkevich also commented the statements of the vice-chairman of the Belarusian Socio-Democratic Party (Gramada) Igar Rynkevich on necessity of non-participation in the dialog with the authorities because of the repressions against the opposition. “It is known that not all the oppositionists are as patient as I am. Such actions exasperate honest-minded people. The authorities should really find out who organizes these dirty tricks. It arouses just anger and indignation. But being the politicians we shouldn’t follow the emotions, but take a sober view of the situation. Unlike the authorities where the left hand doesn’t know what the right one does and the head, perhaps, doesn’t work at all, the opposition thinks and there is still a hope for the dialog. We hope that the authorities’ head start thinking at last”, — Viktar Ivashkevich remarked.

To Viktar Ivashkevich’s opinion, his arrest and discharge show that there is a struggle between pro-European and pro-Russian forces continuing in the authoritative structures. “My arrest, the trial, refusal to examine the case of spreading the leaflets by me and my discharge demonstrate that there is a struggle between pro-European and pro-Russian forces continuing in the authoritative structures. In the evening the pro-Russian forces succeeded in provocation, but later the pro-Belarusian forces didn’t continue this provocation. But not a decision of Ivashkevich’s arrest or discharge should be taken. The decision should be a strategic one, taking into account the further development of the country. Then everything will take its right place. But the fuss like this makes the situation in Belarus worse. Only the enemies of Belarus enjoy this situation”, — Viktar Ivashkevich said.

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