10 December 2019, Tuesday, 3:10
The Wait Is Nearly Over

Minsk riot militia headed by former commander of brigade of internal troops


Alyaksandr Lukomski, having been in charge of the brigade of internal troops (military unit 5448), was appointed new commander of the Minsk riot militia.

According to an order of minister of internal affaires Uladzimir Navumau, instead of Lukomski the brigade of internal troops is now headed by Ihar Burhamistrau, who was a commander of the separate militia brigade (military unit 5525) in Homel.

It should be reminded that Minsk riot militia already changed its commander in this July. Yury Karaeu, who had been a commander of a militia brigade in Homel, was appointed head of the riot militia in Minsk. Colonel Yury Padabed, who had been in charge of riot militia for 9 years, was retired. In 2004, Yury Padabed was put on a list of banned entry to the EU and the US for crackdown of peaceful demonstrations and beating of participants of protest actions by riot militiamen.

In October, Dzmitry Paulichenka was dismissed from a post of commander of the 3rd Red Banner Special Purpose Brigade of the internal troops of the Ministry of Internal Affaires of Belarus. Dzmitry Paulichenka is suspected by the international society in kidnapping and murdering of the opposition leaders. The brigade was headed by Yury Karaeu, and a position of riot militia commander was vacant.

Colonel Paulichenka was promoted, he has been appointed deputy commander of corps for protection of public order of the interior troops of the Ministry of Internal Affaires on combat practice.