5 July 2022, Tuesday, 10:35
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Headmaster of school, where Ivan Shyla studied: ”It’s impossible to work in sphere of education.”


Young Front activist Ivan Shyla was expelled from school No. 4 of Salihorsk before his last final exam. This decision was taken under the influence of the commission from Minsk. Headmaster Volha Syankova retired in protest.

Volha Syankova confirmed her retirement was connected with Ivan Shyla’s expulsion:

“I am not a headmaster anymore, I am just putting to rights. I am leaving. I retire for length of service. It’s impossible to work in the sphere of education today. I am discouraged to work in the sphere of education,” the headmaster told to Euroradio.

Volha Syankova has worked as a headmaster since 1995. Her school was one of three best schools in Salihorsk. The latest pedagogical check there was carried out in February 2008: the level of school was recognised equal to the best city gymnasium.

It should be reminded that yesterday the educational department of Salihorsk executive committee has reached an illegal decision to expel one of the leaders of the Young Front, Ivan Shyla, from the secondary school No.4 of Salihorsk due to his “active public activity and numerous detentions at street actions.”

Ivan Shyla, an 11th form pupil, successfully passed 2 final exams, and was to pass the third one (English) today. However, as the Young Front member was told at the session of the educational department, though the decision comes into force only in 10 days, he would be cancelled from the list of pupils who are passing exams.