21 August 2019, Wednesday, 4:55
We are in the same boat

Oppositionist was restricted to travel abroad for two weeks and banned to fly to US


Belarusian border guards didn’t let Syarhei Salash, leader of the BPF branch in Barysau, for a Minsk–Frankfurt flight.

The politician didn’t pass the passport control, he was told he was on the list of restricted to travel abroad. “Nasha Niva” newspaper reports the reason wasn’t explained.

Syarhei Salash was to fly to the United States for three days within the frames of an education programme.

It’s interesting that Salash was in Lithuania on July 1–2 and didn’t face any troubles when crossing the border. Before he received an American visa, Syarhei Salash took a permit for leaving the country in the Minsk Regional Department of Internal Affairs. The certificate was given without problems.