2 February 2023, Thursday, 3:47
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

Scandal revelations of Belarusian falsificator


Journalists learned secret technologies to conduct “fair elections” of the President-2010.

The head of one of the polling station commissions in Mahilyow region on condition of anonymity shared with the website Zapraudu.info the technique providing Lukashenka “elegant victory” within many years.

- Before the elections I was to include into the lists about 10-12 % of the surnames of people not living on this polling territory (that is to add the citizens that will be able to vote once more on this polling station after voting on their own one). Within these 10-12 % of the voters prepared people come, mainly teachers and the BRSM members, and also the employees of various departments who were already prepared for falsifications. These 10-12 % must come to vote to my polling station, though they don’t belong to it at all. Who they will vote for, everyone knows, but the main thing is that their surnames in the lists are marked – in every commission in it own way. These people only pretend that they put a signature for the ballot received. In reality the signature isn’t put. In case of low attendance in the last day, they are to come and vote several times (if the observers come, they will put the signature first for themselves and then for those who haven’t come – in the end of the day). Moreover, they also vote early once.

Additional “take-away” ballot boxes with the seal copy and other sealing attributes are prepared. Especially this concerns commissions in rural areas. The essence of the technique is simple: specially educated people go for the votes to houses or flats, and in one of the houses that must definitely be the last one, a ballot “copy” is hidden. When this house is approached by the commission members, they are to send an sms: how many ballots are in the ballot box. While they are coming, needed number of the ballots for the “needed” candidate is thrown into the “copy”. In this last house during voting at home the real ballot box is being replaced by the “copy”. A whole strategy is worked out how to divert in this moment the observers if there are any.

After early voting, at night before the main voting, I leave the key from the polling station or the room and the seal for the ballot box, as well as the paper with the commission members’ signatures to a person – one of the regional supervisors controlling the elections. What he will do with this is quite clear.

During vote count the members of the commission put the ballots in piles, but don’t voice the numbers. The piles with the figure written by pencil are given to me or the secretary, and we put them so that there are no less than 65% of those, who came to vote, for the current president, and FILL IN THE PROTOCOL, then we call the supervisor and tell the results. A car comes to take us, where there will be the same piles with the very same results already prepared, and we in this car go to the district commission. There we unload the prepared piles, and the real ballots are taken away by the car. Then, if someone is dissatisfied with the results, he’ll be able to re-count the ballots. I and the secretary will get decent sum of money for such complicated work.