1 October 2020, Thursday, 1:27
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Belarusian enrteprises work for warehoused: view from space (Photo, video)


Warehouses of Minsk Tractor Plant filled by hundreds or even thousands of unsold tractors

It is no secret that because of technological backwardness Belarusian enterprises face serious problems in selling their goods, “European Belarus” website writes.

Amid the economic crisis to sell non-competitive goods has turned into a next to impossible task. Mass credit injections from abroad make it possible to adjourn shutting down enterprises, firing of workers and social protests. Meanwhile plants which are a burden start to introduce a part-time working week and clutter up warehouses.

Pictures from a satellite at maps.google.com service allow understanding the situation in one of the largest enterprises of Belarus, Minsk Tractor Plant. It is seen at the pictures that the warehouses are packed by hundreds or even thousands of unsold tractors, which are just standing outside. In all probability, the shots have been made in summer, but the situation is unlikely to have changed to the better since then. It is obvious on the video that tractors are stored in the same way in winter.