18 January 2020, Saturday, 0:20
The Wait Is Nearly Over

Young Front announced winners of “Love Belarus” Prize

There won’t be a prize giving ceremony, as Crowne Plaza Hotel refused to rent premises for the event.

Ivan Shyla, the deputy head of the unregistered organization Young Front, announced winners of the “Love Belarus” Prize on February 11.

It was planned to hold a ceremony on St Valentine’s Day in Crowne Plaza hotel. The hotel administration withdrew the leasing contract at the last moment, the newspaper “Nasha Niva” reminds.

The Young Front made a decision not to hold a prize giving ceremony this year, but hand in the prizes personally. Winners of the “Love Belarus” Prize are:

The campaign “Budzma” in nomination “Belarusization” for organizing hundreds of cultural events all over the country.

Sweden’s Ambassador Stefan Eriksson gets the prize in nomination “Pro-Belarus” for contribution to the Belarusian culture.

The Young Front awarded the newspaper “Nasha Niva” for high-quality Belarusian-language product interesting beyond the opposition environment.

Mikalai Khalezin and the Free Theatre won the prize in the nomination “Culture”.

Head of the BPF party Alyaksei Yanukevich was awarded in the nomination “Politics”.

Mikhail Pashkevich got the prize for creating the campaign “For Alternative Military Service”.

Football club “Torpedo” and its fans, who carry out belarusization of the club, were awarded in the nomination “Sport”.

Political prisoner Artsyom Dubski, serving a term in a Mahilou penal colony, received the prize in the nomination “Fighter of the Year”.

All winners will receive statuettes with Yanka Kupala’s lines engraved on them “The seeds thrown on the ground are sprouting and growing”. The prizes were made by students of Academy of Arts.

Ivan Shyla said the “Love Belarus” Prize would be given annually. Preparation for the new ceremony has already begun.

We remind that after Crowne Plaza Hotel banned to hold the prize giving ceremony in hotel building, the Young Front decided to organize a street action on February 14.

The action is to start in front of the City Hall on Freedom square at 6 p.m. February 14. After that Young front members plan to march to Independence square.