1 October 2020, Thursday, 1:53
Sim Sim, Charter 97!

Mass dismissals prepared at MAZ plant


5,000 persons can be dismissed from Minsk Automobile Plant (MAZ).

Last week through the new issue of large-circulation newspaper “Avtozavodets”, as well as at the traditional meetings of MAZ workers, employees were informed about the situation at the enterprise. Some of MAZ workers have written down the information about the anti-crisis measures which are planned by their employer, and told about them to “Salidarnasts” newspaper. It could be stated right now that the results of the three moths of MAZ work under command of executive director Alyaksandr Barouski are deplorable,

“At the meetings with workers representatives of the board of directors in fact confessed economic insolvency of the enterprise,” said a MAZ worker with a length of employment of many years. “They failed to improve the situation over the three months; moreover, it has become worse. That is why the employer is set to take anti-crisis measures”. And it means no more than 16-17 working days a months.

Secondly, a dismissal of about 5,000 persons is expected. As specified by the source, “it would primarily concern technical and engineering employees, as today there are about 8 such employees (engineers, technologists, foremen) per 1 worker at MAZ”. And the world practice is from 1:1 to 1:4.

“Workers are to be let alone this time, so there are no commotions among them. However, some people recall the previous administration positively, as though there had been some strange expenses and stratospheric salaries of some managers while they were in control, the rights of wage workers were not violated,” the interlocutor said.

Thirdly, wages are planned to be normalized in line with the results of the work. Last months foremen received bonuses cut by average 200,000 Br. Some were left without bonuses at all.

One more measure aimed at cutting expenses is denial to transport employees living outside the city by an enterprise’s bus. Previously 5-6 buses were bringing about 700 workers living outside Minsk to work daily.

Besides, MAZ management is set to gradually surrender social infrastructure facilities which are on the books of the enterprise. Rest houses, a polyclinic, kindergartens and summer camps belong to such property. In the transition period this property is to be repaired by workers of the enterprise.

It is also proved by the official statistics that the enterprise is going through hard times. According to Belstat (the Ministry of Statistics), in January 671 trucks were produced in Belarus (including BelAZ trucks and others, but most trucks were produced by MAZ). It is less than in January 2009 by 57.6%. As compared to January 2008, when 2,200 trucks wer2 produced, the decrease makes 70%.