20 May 2019, Monday, 14:55
For our and your freedom!

Andrei Sannikov and Iryna Khalip questioned by militia


The European Belarus leader and well-known journalist were questioned in connection with the so called hunters’ case.

Andrei Sannikov and his wife Iryna Khalip were summoned to the Partyzanski district militia department in Minsk. The procedure was carried out by Alyaksandr Paznyak, a chief interrogating officer of the division of inquiry and preliminary investigation of the Partyzanski district militia department.

The opposition politician and journalist were questioned in connection of the criminal case instigated over defamation of former KGB department of the Homel region Ivan Korhz.

As charter97.org has learnt from Iryna Khalip, she and Andrei Sannikov were questioned individually.

“We were asked similar questions: if we were coordinators of the website charter97.org, if we conducted journalistic investigation of the “hunters’ case”, if I published anything relating to this issue, if we met with his family, if we published anything on the website “Belorusski Partizan”. Our answers to all questions were decisive “no”, which is absolutely true,” the journalist said.