10 July 2020, Friday, 15:57
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Brigadier general of Chavez arrived to Belarus


The Venezuelan delegation is interested by the system of military cadres training in Belarus.

The Venezuelan delegation headed by the head of the Military Academy, Brigadier General Alexis Lopes Ramires is to visit the Military Academy of Belarus on April 7-8, Interfax was informed by the press-service of the Defence Ministry.

The Venezuelan delegation is to be acquainted with the structure and system of military cadres training in the leading edcuational institution of the country, as well as with the educational and material base of the Military Academy," the press-service of the Defence Ministry of Belarus stated.

We remind that recently a US TV channel «FOXNews» informed that Alyaksandr Lukashenka will deliver to Chavez most modern ground-to-air radars. Chavez's new radar system, called the Tor M-1 Missile Defense System, can detect aircraft and cruise missiles and can operate in “an environment of intense jamming,” according to public military profiles of the system.

Since 1992, when America cut off the sale of arms and spare parts to Venezuela, Hugo Chavez has been cobbling together a military machine made up mainly of weapons from Russia and other non-Western suppliers. Last week, in an oil-for-arms deal with “Europe’s last dictator,” Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko (Alyaksandr Lukashenka), Chavez was able to add a key element to his growing arsenal: advanced ground-to-air radar, FOXNews reports.

While most experts say the deal itself doesn’t change the balance of arms in the region, they do concede that it represents a strengthening of Chavez’s military might. Moreover, they say the deal also cements an alliance between the respective bad boys of their continents and allows both some wiggle room in their relations with nearby dominant powers.

For Chavez, that would be the United States, which has been weaning itself from Venezuelan oil. For Lukashenka, it is Russia, which has maintained a stranglehold over his nation’s energy supplies.