25 February 2020, Tuesday, 1:21
The Wait Is Nearly Over

UCP nominates Ramanchyk as presidential candidate, and Lyabedzka as Prime Minister


A well-known economist, Deputy chairman of the United Civil Party, Yaraslau Ramanchuk, has been nominated the UCP candidate for president in Belarus.

Such a decision was passed by the political council of the party on May 31, BelaPAN informs.

Today the United Civil Party presents a program "Million of working places for Belarus" which is to become the candiate's pre-election platform. In case of Ramanchuk's victory, the chairman of the party Anatol Lyabedzka is to become a prime minister.

The decision to nominate their own candidate for the position of the leader of the state was adopted by the national committee of the UCP on April 17. As noted in the document on the issue, the UCP has always been "principledly and consistently" in favour of nominating a single presidential candidate representing supporters of reforms. However in the situation where a positive result in defioning such a candidate is absent, the UCP decided to nominate its own candidate.

However, the National committee of the United Civil Party confirmed their readiness to discuss choosing a single candidate of the democratic forces at any moment, even after collection of signatures for their contender.