7 June 2020, Sunday, 12:15
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Valery Kоstka: “Such arguments are set forth when a politician is exempted from power”


Lieutenant colonel of KGB in reserve Valery Kostka considers that Russian intelligence services participate in the presidential campaign in Belarus from last year August.

“The personnel manager in Kremlin decided that it is time for Lukashenka to have a rest. The intrigue of this election is: those consider that it is time to replace Lukashenka, and he does not want it, and resists. That is why Russian intelligence services are solving the issue, how to replace the head of Belarus, and the Belarusian ones – how to keep Lukashenka. But our intelligence services are inferior to Russian ones in professionalism”, - stated the former KGB officer, in his interview to “Salidarnasts” newspaper.

To the publication remark, that “political scientist say that now Russia does not have resources in Belarus for replacement of Lukashenka”, Valery Kostka answered:

“What political scientists?! What resources?! What resources were needed to replace Amin in Afghanistan? Thirty people of a special mission unit. And they made it look like a public revolution.

And how was it in Kyrgyzstan: thirty people did some shooting, no one knows who till now, and the revolution started. If here three thousand people will go to a square, no special police squad will impede”, - Kostka is sure.

According to his words, “Lukashenka is lulled, when he is told, that Russia does not have resources for his replacement. In the films “Krestni batka” Russia practically equated Lukashenka to a thief, murderer, and a person with mental disorder. Such arguments are set forth when a scenario of exemption of a politician from power is implemented”.