8 August 2022, Monday, 16:38
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Lukashenka signs the law: “More than three cannot flock together”

Lukashenka signs the law: “More than three cannot flock together”

The new draconian law bans any protest rallies, including flash-mobs.

It has transpired that the Belarusian dictator signed into the law new amendments to the “Law on Mass Events” back on November 8. Since now on Belarusians are not permitted to gather in groups of more than three. The amendments have been registered in The National Register of Legal Acts today.

The amendments caused heavy criticism of the public, civil organisations of the country and the West.

The amendments suppose calling “pickets” any gatherings of people organized with the help of the internet and social networks. Besides, it is determined that before receiving permission for holding mass events, its organisers and other persons are not permitted to publish information about the date and the place of the event on the web or in other informational systems, AFN informs.

The amendments to the law also regulate the procedure of public order protection when holding mass events on decision of state bodies. In particular the list of bodies who have a right to carry out such measures is given.

Persons who had violations when organizing mass events within one year, and were held administratively responsible, are banned from being organisers of rallies. It is banned to hold severa; events in one place and with the same route.

The law expands the list of places where holding mass events is prohibited. In particular, additional prohibition for holding mass events at the distance of less than 300 metres from nuclear facilities and nuclear material storage sites, including ones, less than 100 metres from plants producing weapons and ammunition, and 200 metres from buildings where editorial offices of audiovisual mass media and from TV and radio transmission facilities are situated.

The amendments to the law prohibit for organisers and participants of rallies to perform any actions violating the normal course of the mass event, and to incite to such actions by any means. It is also prohibited to take part in mass events in the state of alcohol and drug intoxication.

The document allows law-enforcement bodies to put up crowd control barriers around the site of the mass event, legalizes photo and video-filming, imposing pass control.