24 September 2020, Thursday, 1:32
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Grybauskaite continues to defend Lukashenka


The Lithuanian President touched upon the Belarusian issue in her speech at the Munich Security Conference.

“The international Munich Conference is highly important not only to Europe and the rest of the world but also to Lithuania. Here we talk about common concerns ranging from ongoing conflicts in Africa, for instance in Egypt, to problems at our border, related to Belarus. We see nations and people refusing to accept the existing regimes and trying to change them and the West and the entire world responding differently than before,” the press service of the Lithuanian President quotes Dalia Grybauskaite.

According to the Lithuanian leader, it is up to each individual nation to decide what kind of government it wants. “We, the West, may help any nation to mature, to learn and to get stronger but we may not dictate to any nation what particular regime or which particular leader it should select or elect. This also applies to Egypt and Belarus,” BelaPAN news agency quotes Grybauskaite.

On February 4, Grybauskaite said at a meeting with a US congressional delegation that Lithuania supported the EU’s travel restrictions for Belarusian officials and EU’s decision on not imposing economic sanctions on Belarus.

“The European Union's policy of open doors for Belarusian people and the possibility for Belarusian citizens to travel freely within the border area of the Schengen zone as well as a simplified visa regime are the best way to demonstrate the advantages and benefits of democracy and of living in a free society,” Grybauskaite thinks.

The behavior of the Lithuanian President and her stubborn desire to cooperate with the Belarusian dictator, who has again rigged the presidential election results, holds political prisoners in jails like hostages, and has launched a wave of repressions, similar to those in 1937, compromise her in the eyes Belarusians and the whole democratic world.