24 April 2019, Wednesday, 21:54
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Lawyer met with Sannikov: “He asks everyone to go strong”


The new lawyer of the presidential candidate has had a chance to meet her client for a short time today.

“I can say that he feels satisfactory, and his looks are satisfactory too… He keeps bright, and he asks everyone who is distressed for him to go strong,” Maryna Kavaleuskaya told to charter97.org website.

As said by the lawyer, there were no other health complaints in addition to the ones mentioned in his letter to his mother. We remind that recently Andrei Sannikov informed that the denial of the KGB jail administration to pass usual food to him was explained by severe joints pains. The politician was seriously beaten up by riot policemen during the demonstration of December 19, 2010.

Maryna Kavaleuskaya has just started to defend Sannikov. The previous lawyer of Sannikov, Pavel Sapelka, had been disbarred. She asked for a meeting yesterday. But she was denied on a traditional reason: no free rooms for meetings in the KGB jail.

The investigator has allowed her to talk to Sannikov for a short time in private. In order to work in this case, she needed agreement of Andrei Sannikov.

“It is certainly not easy to start defence at the stage which is close to the end of investigative actions, at least, which is far from their beginning. It is rather difficult. But I think I’ll manage that,” Kavaleuskaya said.