16 February 2019, Saturday, 19:41
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Largest Belarusian Banks Impose Foreign Exchange Restrictions


The largest banks in Belarus, such as Belinvestbank, BPS-Bank and Priorbank, have prohibited to transfer money from plastic cards in the Belarusian rubles into the foreign currency cards, as well as to transfer foreign currency from one card to another, deposit cash Belarusian rubles in exchange cards and withdraw foreign currency of the credit cards in the Belarusian rubles on the territory of Belarus.

This prohibition, temporarily introduced by Belinvestbank, began to act at 19:00 on March 23, according to the website of the bank. Causes of innovations are not specified. However, Belinvestbank's message also says that the operation fee of cash in the bank's self-service terminals will be unavailable to customers for technical reasons.

In addition, the report clarifies that the restrictions do not apply to these operations outside Belarus - both by the cards denominated in the Belarusian rubles and in foreign currency.

Such bans, according to "Nasha Niva," have been introduced by BPS-Bank and Priorbank. The latter has also forbidden transferring money from the ruble cards into the foreign currency accounts, except for the premium cardholders.

As Telegraf previously reported, March 22, BelSwissBank announced about its intention to work with plastic cards only in the national currency. The reason for this decision was a sharp escalation of the situation on the foreign exchange market of the country and the numerous restrictions and prohibitions by the National Bank.

Thursday, March 24, citizens of Belarus were unable to use bank cards from 12:30 to 13:15 due to a malfunction in the system of Banking processing center.