7 June 2020, Sunday, 12:15
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KGB has published Mikhalevich’s letter to Lukashenka (Photo)

KGB has published Mikhalevich’s letter to Lukashenka (Photo)

The politician has stated the letter had been written by him after tortures, but that was not enough and he was continued to be tortured.

On the same day the website of the Belarus’ KGB (the State Security Committee) posted the following information:

The KGB Centre for Information and Public Relations officially informs that A. Mikhalevich’s statement about confidential relations with state security bodies and “tortures” in the pre-trial detention centre does not reflect the reality, and the information distributed in connection with it is calumniatory.

The investigators have adopted the decision to change the measure of restraint for Mikhalevich was adopted after consultation with the prosecution agencies on the basis of the investigative action’s results, in accordance with the position declared by him: he realizes his full responsibility for the illegal acts committed by him, and considering his handwritten leniency application. Before the end of the investigative action, the KGB Centre for Information and Public Relations offers just some passages from this application.

Dear Mr Lukashenka,

I have always treated You with respect, and Your services to the cause of Belarus’ independence are indisputable and very great.

During my pre-election campaign I have not said anything bad about You, Your relatives and friends.

As a former candidate, I regret profoundly there was a conflict and that many people suffered.

I am asking You to control the issue of my further fate personally.

Sincerely yours,

A. Mikhalevich

Under such circumstances, considering the well-known personality traits of Mikhalevich, there was no need for State security bodies to establish any relations additionally.

The reasons why A. Mikhalevich is silent about that, and also the facts of his involvement in violation of the laws of Belarus, including dissemination of libelous information, would be established in the course of further investigative action.

In an interview to charter97.org website Ales Mikhalevich said in response to that: “It’s true, I has written this statement on January 10, after I was tortured. I told about those tortures at the press-conference. It was not enough for the KGB, and I was kept in the KGB pre-trial detention facility till February 17, when I agreed to sign a document about collaboration with the KGB.”

Mikhalevich is summoned for interrogation in the KGB On March 5 at 10 a.m.

We remind that on February 28 at a press-conference in Minsk a presidential candidate Ales Mikhalevich stated that he was released from the KGB jail after he agreed to become a KGB agent. As said by the politician, he had to agree to make such a step “because of terrible incarceration conditions in the KGB jail, which could be regarded as tortures.” As stated by Mikhalevich, in the KGB jail he was forced to stand stretched out in handcuffs; he was kept in the cold, was made to stand facing a wall for 40 minutes; they did not turn electric lights off in the night; the floor in the cell was painted with acetone paint that the imprisoned had to inhale; he was kept in overcrowded cell.