17 January 2018, Wednesday, 1:46

Prison prices: bread cutlets for 50 thousand roubles


The detention center of the Vitebsk regional executive committee estimated the six days arrest of Evgeni Gutsalau as 300 thousand Belarusian rubles.  

The activist must transfer this amount to the detention center’s account, Belsat TV channel reports.

On 19 October Gutsalau was accused of holding an unauthorized rally and sentenced to seven days in prison. The day before the court proceedings was counted within the sentenced term. Thus, every day behind bars costed 50 thousand Belarusian roubles.

“The conditions were terrible there: ripped linen, dirty mattress, - Evgeni Gutsalau told. – One must go to a toilet with a bottle of water. The food – porridge and cutlets, which had more bread than meat.

A human rights activist Anastasia Loika says that several times every month she has to help people to file appeals on the prison conditions.

“The prices, they give in the Minsk’s detention center are equal, - she said. – Of course, this is absurd. Food is included in the price. I think, it is not worth this money what they feed prisoners in detention centers”. According to Loika, courts refuse to consider appeals on the detention conditions. The reason is every time the same – the issue is not in the court’s competence. Human rights activists have been sending and receiving letters to and from the famous detention center in Akrestsina street since 2004.

“They would admit, that the conditions do not correspond to the norms and every time say they will do everything possible. Only recently the Akrestsina prison has been closed for renovation”, - the human rights activist said.