22 January 2018, Monday, 5:04

Brest dwellers forced to work on a holiday for a “nice picture”


The employees of Brestgazoapparat were forced to come to work on a holiday in order to provide a “nice picture” for Russian media.

The 10th press-tour for representatives of Russian media to Belarus started with a visit to the Brest region, where 90 journalists from the neighboring country arrived.

It is officially considered that the press-tour is financed from the budget of the Union State, but Belarusian authorities don’t spare any effort or resource to satisfy the guest reporters from the regions of Russia. What they show to the guests is what is not disgraceful to show: in the Brest region the participant of the press-tour were welcomed for the excursions to the rowing channel, the palace of water sports and the Brest fortress. In the program there were visits to the free economic zone Brest, public enterprise Ivatsevichdreu and the toy factory Palesse in Kobrin.

Also in the program of the tour there was a visit to the Gefest-technika factory, which belongs to the public enterprise Bresgazoapparat. As one of the workers of the enterprise told the charter97.org’s reporter “we were treated not in a human way”.

“For the sake of the Russian journalists’ visit the administration of the Gefest-technika factory forced people to work on Saturday. As there were a lot of guests, they were let to the factory in two stages. And it all for the sake of them crossing the workshops in five minutes, making photos and creating a “nice picture”, so the administration would report how good everything was”, - the employee of Brestgazoapparat shared.

By the way, judging from the press-conference of the chairman of the Brest region executive committee Kanstantsin Sumar, which in fact gave the start to the press-tour, the media representatives themselves are not inclined to break the “rules of the game”.  Having listened to the welcoming speech, the guests would ask about anything (construction of hypermarkets, turnout of trade with the Russian regions, cleanness of the streets and how the Orthodox people get along with the Catholics), but avoided acute and urgent topics. Well, this is not surprising: the most “decent” are selected for the visit to Belarus and some of them are not for the first time on the trip. While communicating many journalists, who worked in the times of the party-soviet media, didn’t even conceal that coming to our country the dipped themselves into the USSR atmosphere.

After the weekend spent in the Brest region the nostalgic audience made of the representatives of the Russian media were taken to the natural reserve/museum Nesvizh. The further program of their tour includes vising the Academy of Sciences and the High Technologies Park. In the evenings “official receptions” on behalf of local authorities are planned for the press-tour participants, and the apotheosis of the visit will we the press-conference of Aliaksandr Lukashenka in the National library planned for 16 October.