16 January 2018, Tuesday, 18:18

Bishop demands to investigate tortures against Dashkevich


The bishop of the United Church of the Christian of Evangelic Faith Siarhei Tsvor asks the state structures to arrange an investigation as to the actions of the administration if the penal colony 20 in Mozyr.

The corresponding appeal the clergyman sent to the Committee of religions and nationalities, Prosecutor General ‘s office and the Department of corrections of the Ministry of Internal Affairs., the press-service of the organizing committee for the creation of a Belarusian Christian Democracy party (BChD) informs.

The bishop says that on 26 September there was a news in the media of the pressure on Dashkevich on the part of the colony’s administration. Particularly is was said that the representatives of the administration insulted protestant churches and the Evangelic Faith of Dashkevich’s, also they threatened his with a rape.

“Dzmitry Dashkevich has been a member of the Minsk’s Church of the Christian of Evangelic Faith of the4 John the Baptist” since2006. His arrest and conviction for alleged attack on two men caused numerous questions with the implausibility of such an action on the part of a believer Christian, as well as with the strange manner in which the process supposedly occurred when no one saw the victims. The information about the pressure which Dashkevich is undergoing in the colony causes concerns and anxiety. It is especially strange that the head of the colony Youry Zbarouski, who calls himself an Orthodox and by his status is supposed to maintain legality and order, allows himself to insult the Evangelic believers”, - Tsvor wrote.

The bishop asks to comprehensively investigate the facts of illegitimate actions of the Mozyr colony’s administration towards Dashkevich and take measures in order not to let similar cases happen in future. “We, in our turn, will pray in local churches for the life and health of Dzmitry Dashkevich to be out of danger”, - Tsvor concluded.