16 January 2018, Tuesday, 10:38

Lyubou Kavalyova: Ordinary thieves work in KGB


The mother of executed Uladzislau Kavalyou received a reply from the Prosecutor General's Office to her request to the Prosecutor General asking to secure her constitutional rights.

We remind that Lyubou Kavalyova has been applying to the KGB jail and KGB chief Vadzim Zaitsau during several months trying to find out what happened to her son's records he made at the trial and meetings with his lawyer. She didn't receive answers to any of her requests. The woman then applied to Prosecutor General Alyaksandr Kanyuk seeking implementation of article 40 of the Constitution of Belarus. The article reads: “Everyone shall have the right to address personal or collective appeals to state bodies. State bodies as well as the officials thereof shall consider any appeal and furnish a reply thereto within the period determined by law. Any refusal to consider an appeal that has been submitted shall be justified in writing.”

The answer Kavalyova received from the Prosecutor General's Office was signed by Shulyak, the head of the department for supervision over compliance with legislation and state security. The reply says no violations of the acting legislation were found in connection with Kavalyova's requests to the KGB and there are “no grounds to launch prosecutor's investigation.”

“I am not satisfied with the answer. I can now apply to a court. But I will not do so, because after the trumped-up charges against my son and Dzmitry Kanavalau and issuing an unfair judgement to them I got convinced in the absence of independent courts in our country,” Kavalyova told BelaPAN news agency.

She thinks disappearance of her son's records and letters of attorney he prepared for his mother is an “ordinary theft”.