17 January 2018, Wednesday, 17:45

Corruption scandal at Belarusian Steel Works


Officials are suspected of receiving big brides for lobbying the interests of the commercial enterprise.

Operational activities for revealing corruption at the large enterprise were carried out by the Gomel region’s KGB department. The head of the tube-rolling manufacturing and his brother, who was the head of the equipment kitting department at the enterprise, fell in the scope of the law-enforcement agencies, Ezhednevnik reports.

According to the law-enforcement agencies, the suspects, acting in cooperation and with previous collusion, from the end of 2009 to October 2010 received a bribe of 38 thousand United States dollars from a representative of a commercial enterprise, which dealt with manufacturing of equipment of different complexity.

For the money the two brothers lobbied the interests of the commercial company, which led to BSW signing three contracts with it at different times for the supply of piercing mandrels for the factory’s crane equipment.

In the opinion of the police task force members, the money was given to the officials solely because of their positions at BSW for favorable decision on the issues in their competence.

According to that fact a criminal case was started by the Gomel region’s Investigatory Committee department against the BSW’s officials. The article in question is part 3 of  art.430 of the Criminal Code of Belarus – receiving a bribe either in a large scale, or by an organized group, or by a person in a governing position . There is data that it was not the only case when the two brothers lobbied interests of commercial firms at BSW for money. An investigation is being carried out.