19 January 2018, Friday, 16:28

Lukashenka to officials: You can buy handcuffs right now


The ruler held a meeting of the National Olympic Committee and said far more than official media report.

The report on the meeting of the National Olympic Committee, which was published on the website of the Belarusian head of state, reads: “I offered you my protection, so that you, sportsmen, coaches and sport officials, were able to do your work.” Salidarnast writes how the “protection” ended up and describes several remarks that were not mentioned by official media.

“Tell us, Mr Aleh, what were the reasons for such a catastrophe under your rule?” Alyaksandr Lukashenka asked then minister for sport Aleh Kachan. “Tell us everything: about villas you, your aide and probably vice president build out of the funds designed for sport. Tell us everything! People want to hear it. I think it is one of the reasons for the catastrophe.”

The ruler announced the report by the director of the republican Olympic training centre for equestrian sports and horse breeding, Viktar Mikhadzyuk:

“Now Mikhadzyuk is going to tell us how to create the Olympic training centre and build palaces. Come on. The minister and his aide didn't say a word about it. Would you please tell us how to saw, transport, build and sell horses for nothing to, remember me, Zaichkau (Ihar Zaichkau was Lukashenka's aide for sport. Relieved of his post with Aleh Kachan on October 28) or to someone else? Tell us. Loudly and clearly... I will apologize to you in public if I had been given wrong information. But if these facts are confirmed, go and buy handcuffs right now. Don't wait until someone else handcuffs you. Take them and go where I say. I will not forgive you this. We are not so rich to provide services for lazy people here.”

The tsunami of strongest rage affected many other officials.

“When I was preparing for the meeting, I ordered the State Control Committee and other agencies to check how you had been preparing for the Olympics,” Alyaksandr Lukashenka said. “The results are disappointing. It was found out that due to negligence of some officials from the Ministry of Sport, a part of equipment was bought on the eve of, during or even after the Olympic Games! The games are over, but they bought equipment to train Olympic champions. It's a waste of more than half a billion rubles. The specialists in horses has spoken today. About 600 million rubles were found to have been used improperly. But Zaichkau didn't mention it in his report and boasted to his crime accomplice: 'Don't worry. I crossed it out!' You deserve to be dismissed only for that thing. But you pretend this is not true! You cover up one another,” he said to the executive committee. “What impudence! Barodzich (the head of the central council of Dynamo republican state and public association), whom did you offer as my aide? If your Dynamo team shows bad performance, you'll go to clean streets with them, you, especially close general!”

However, Lukashenka should not have been so angry. This is the result of any “protection” practice.