22 January 2018, Monday, 23:23

Vitebsk regional executive committee doesn’t fall behind their colleagues


The officials of the Vitebsk regional executive committee want to buy three saloons Skoda Superb with leather Glamour interior.

The Vitebsk regional executive committee placed a bid on the official web-site of the National Center for Marketing and Price Conjuncture for purchasing three saloons with the estimated value of $55.000 each. On the basis of the description of the requirements to the vehicle it can be assumed that the official are interested in full wheel drive saloon Skoda Superb 4X4 3.6 FSI of the black metallic color, onliner.by reports.

Among the obligatory requirements the bid description mentions: 6 cylinder engine 3.6 FSI, light alloy 16- or 17-inch wheels, full wheel drive, a package for off-road driving, dark toned back windows, cruise control, a comfort package for smokers and also the Glamour interior (plain leather) with Noblese wood trimming.

The tender documents are planned to be accepted until 17 October 2012 which is the date of the final auction. The regional budget is stated as the source for financing the purchase.

It is curious that the bid for the cars purchase was placed six days after the meeting with Aliaksandr Lukashenka, where he instructed the controlling structures to inspect closely the incomes and spending of Belarusians.

Passion for expensive cars is not rare with Belarusian officials. Recently the number of cases has increased when officials buy expensive cars at the expense of the budget.