23 January 2018, Tuesday, 12:54

Oil refineries and MAZ selling to Russia not yet agreed

Belarus and Russia have not reach an agreement  on selling Belarusian oil refineries and the merger of MAZ (Minsk Automobile Plant) and Kamaz.

“We are ready to sell a stake or the whole refinery if we are offered a normal price,” Alyaksandr Lukashenka said in an interview with Mir TV talking about the situation of Belarusian oil refineries, BelaPAN news agency reports.

“We have not agreed on price yet, but the enterprises work in the  interests of our states,” he said.

“It's difficult to produce clean diesel fuel in Russia, because they don't have the refining depth that Belarus has. That's why businessmen turned to Belarus,” Lukashenka said commenting on accusations of running “solvents and thinners business” and supplying cheap biodiesel. “We have invested and continue to invest huge money in these oil refineries. Our processing depth is already better than that on any other refinery in Russia. This is money. If we are so bad, why are all Russian companies, including private company Lukoil, ready to buy these refineries?”

According to Lukashenka, Russia has plenty of imported cars, which demand high quality fuel – 98 RON petrol. “Russia produces only a miserable amount of it having main supplies from Belarus. Belarusians work and earn. But it is one hundredth of a percent of what Russia earns. We earn not violating any laws,” he assured.

The dictator doesn't know about the stage of talks on the assets merger of two automobile plants – MAZ (Belarus) and Kamaz (Russia).

“I've keeping away from them since our latest conversation with the Russian Prime Minister,” Lukashenka told Mir TV company in an interview. “The Russian president and I discussed this issue, but the latest conversation was with Dmitry Medvedev. We came to a conclusion that heads of certain holdings both in Russia and Belarus practise bringing the issue (commercial and other issues) they should decide to a political level.”

“Mr Medvedev said the right thing: We'd better stay away from high-level interference with the talks. Let MAZ and Kamaz talk and make proposals. If they come to an agreement, we  will have, as Russians says, a task of tsars – approve the deal and let them work,” Lukashenka said.