16 January 2018, Tuesday, 14:21

Workers banned to disclose their wages

Workers of SARIA Bio-Industries plant in the Byaroza district have been forbidden to reveal their salaries.

Employees of the foreign enterprise are required to sign the appropriate document, Nasha Niva newspaper reports.

A worker sent the sample document to the newspaper. The employer says the “salary is a commercial secret”  that cannot be disclosed without permission of the employer.

The worker thinks that “the director didn't invent anything better than forbidding to discuss this issue on pain of punishment and dismissal to avoid annoying questions about the wages and pay increase”. He adds the wages at the enterprise are not the highest in the district.

The administration explains this step as “a measure to prevent spreading rumours and speculations and normalise relations among employees”.

Lawyers say the document is illegal and note that in accordance with decree No. 670 issued by the Council of Ministers on November 6, 1992, information about the number of employees and their wages cannot be a commercial secret.

SARIA Bio-Industries is a foreign private manufacturing and trade company specialising in animal waste collecting and recycling and  production of meat and bone meal and fats.