16 January 2018, Tuesday, 14:10

Russian opens fire in Brest centre


The incident happened near Portal gambling club on Savetskaya Street on the night of November 11.

As charter97.org learnt, a Russian national began to quarrel with security guards, who refused to allow him to enter, because his previous visits usually ended with insults to the staff. The Russian began to threaten one of the guards with an air pistol. He waited for him outside the building and shot in the ground. Officers of the security department, who were working inside the club, ran to help their colleague. A police squad then arrived.

Though the air pistol was seized, the man was allowed to go after questioning: the Brest police had not decided yet if a criminal case should opened over the incident.

It's not the first time when Russians have got involved in similar incidents in Brest. On September 1, two drunk Russians were detained near Hermitage hotel. One of the men opened fire with a non-lethal pistol. The  man registered the weapon in Russia, but brought it to Belarus illegally. The police didn't initiate a criminal case: the men were brought to administrative responsibility and fined.