21 January 2018, Sunday, 23:21

KGB accuses oppositionist of working for CIA?

Belarusian KGB made a statement regarding the detention of a Belarusian Christian Democracy (BCD) activist.

“The Committee on national security (KGB) stopped the illegal activity of the citizen of the Republic of Belarus who was recruited by foreign intelligence services to collect and deliver political and economic information.

The KGB detained this person when he was trying to hide the data that was to be passed to foreign special services.

A criminal case has been initiated on part 1 of article 356 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus on treason by working for foreign intelligence. Presently, search and investigations are being held to reveal other illegal aspects of his activity. This person is now located in the isolation cell of the KGB,” the KGB press-service reports.

Possibly the detained activist of the organization committee of the BCD party Andrei Gaidukou has been accused of treason after a joke about the CIA.

“According to Andrei Gaidukou’s friends, he may be accused of “cooperation or an attempt to cooperate with the CIA”. But it all could just be a joke. Somehow a project within the Eastern Partnership has been linked to the case,” coordinator of the Vitsiebsk region organization committee of the BCD Tatsiana Siavieryniets told charter97.org.

According to Tatsiana, human rights activists don’t rush to support the detained activist:

”We have talked to human rights activists, but they told us that they are very cautious about this case. They need to be sure that there are really no reasons for the arrest. And how can we find out if there are reasons, if he’s been in the isolation cell since November 8?”

Charter97.org got through to Anton Paulau, a friend of the detained oppositionist. However, Anton claims he has never heard Andrei Gaidukou mention the CIA.

We remind that the activist from Novapolatsk Andrei Gaidukou is presently kept in the KGB isolation cell in Minsk. The activist was secretly arrested for three days ago. His family wasn’t informed of the arrest. Andrei Gaidukou’s apartment was searched; his computer and telephone were withdrawn. Another BCD activist Illia Bagdanau was arrested in Polatsk, but he was released under the pledge of confidentiality.