21 January 2018, Sunday, 11:25

Regime is afraid of new sanctions


The original initiative was made in the UN by representative of the official Minsk.

The head of the department of global politics and humanitarian cooperation of the Belarusian MFA Yaugeni Lazarau, making a speech in the UN headquarters in New York, suggested to introduce a position of a special reporter of the UN’s Human Right Council on impermissibility of imposing unilateral sanctions.

According to his statement, unilateral sanctions – are a “barbaric policy of political and economic pressure on sovereign states”. Such sanctions represent “mass extraterritorial violation of human rights of the countries against which they are introduced”.

One of the leaders of Belarusian opposition Viktar Ivashkevich in an interview to the charter97.org web-site told that the statements of the Belarusian MFA reveal fear of new sanctions:

“That Belarusian party is raising this question tells that they are afraid of introduction of real sanctions. And it is even not a question of the sanctions already introduced, because they do not affect the authorities at large. The authorities understand that together with increasing repressions the sanctions will keep being there and will be increasing as well. That is why they are taking some measures preventively”.

According to the politician, such behavior of the Belarusian party tells that the regime is not going to undertake any liberalization:

“I will highlight this once again – it is a reaction not on the real problems, crated by sanctions, but a reaction on the sanctions, which can be introduced, if the regime remains as it is. Form the MFA’s statement a conclusion can be made that the regime is not going to democratize, because in that case there would be no discussion of sanctions”.