23 January 2018, Tuesday, 4:40

Group on human rights in Belarus to be formed in Putin's presidential council


The initiative belongs to Russian human rights activist Andrei Yurov, who is banned from entering Belarus.

The website charter97.org has learnt it from Andrei Yurov, who became a member of the Presidential Council for Civil Society and Human Rights:

“I know only one real mechanism to raise the Belarusian question in the Council. It is formation of a working group for human rights in the CIS countries and formation of a subgroup on Belarus within this group. It is possible to invite some Belarusian human rights activists and journalists, of course with their consent, to become permanent experts. People without Russian citizenship are allowed to be experts.”

The human rights activist says other council members are ready to support him:

“It's difficult to say if I will be able to fulfil it quickly. I need some people who will support my initiative to create the group. I think at least some human rights activists in the Council will support me. For example, Memorial board member Sergei Krivenko, who is a member of the International Control Committee, which includes an international observation mission on Belarus. And some more decent people concerned about human rights in the CIS. I hope four or five people will support the idea of formation of a permanent subgroup on Belarus.”

Andrei Yurov says the probability of formation of the subgroup on human rights in Belarus is very high:

“It's another matter that there are bureaucratic procedures, so I cannot say how much time it will take and what formal requirements are needed. But I think the probability of creation of the subgroup on human rights in Belarus is very high.”