19 October 2017, Thursday, 10:26

Opposition activist accused of causing train delay and fined


A court in Homel issued a fine of 2 million rubles to Uladzimir Syakerka, a regional coordinator of Fair World Party.

The opposition activist was accused of violating article 23.4 of the Code of Administrative Offences (failure to fulfil lawful orders of officers on duty). Judge Anatoly Sotnikau fined him 20 basic units.

Proceedings against Uladzimir Syakerka were started after he refused to get off the train from Chernihiv to Homel on the order of border guards on October14 that led to a train delay, Viasna human rights centre reports.

Uladzimir Syakerka denied his guilt and said he found actions by border guards illegal and improper: under article 17 of the law on border guard agencies a border guard must explain to a person why his or her rights are restricted.

“I asked them to explain, but they didn't do it. Their report reads: 'A citizen put on the list by the law-enforcement bodies was found'. I asked to explain at the trial what list they meant and what I should do to be removed from it. I received no answer. I filed a complaint to commanders of the border group asking the same questions, but they didn't reply,” Syakerka says.

The politician plans to lodge a complaint with a prosecutor's office to figure out what list the border guards meant.