17 January 2018, Wednesday, 11:56

Investigation Committee: No suspects in Vitebsk blast


All detained people have been released.

There are no suspects in the case over the explosion near the KGB building in Vitebsk. No one remains detained in connection with the case, Interfax-West news agency learnt Thursday from Pavel Traulka, the head of the information office of the Investigation Committee.

“More than 60 persons were questioned during the first days after the blast. One person was detained on suspicion of having relation to the blast. He was later released after a check,” Traulka said.

Scores of people were reported by charter97.org to have been detained in connection with the explosion in Vitebsk. The KGB earlier reported only about 3 detainees.

The blast near the KGB building occurred on the evening of November 11.

A criminal case under article 339 of the Criminal Code of Belarus (hooliganism) has been opened over the incident.