22 January 2018, Monday, 5:43

European Parliament to discuss situation of political prisoners in Belarus


The release of Belarus political prisoners remains a priority for the EU.

The European Parliament will continue its efforts to release Belarusian political prisoners and take measures to give the opportunity of visiting them in prisons. All previous attempts of MEPs to visit the Belarusian political prisoners were rejected by official Minsk, chairman of the EP delegation for relations with Belarus Filip Kaczmarek said in an interview with Radio Racja.

“The EU tries to organise such meetings in all countries with political prisoners at least for humanitarian, not political, purposes. It is sometimes necessary to check if a person is alive and see his confinement conditions. We will try to bring it to a wider scale to start a campaign, which is in itself a form of pressure on the Belarusian authorities,” he said.

According to the chairman of the delegation for relations with Belarus in the European Parliament, the problem of Belarusian political prisoners is closely monitored on the highest level. EP members are expected to return to hearing the issue of Belarusian political prisoners in December, when the annual report on human rights in the world will be discussed.