20 September 2017, Wednesday, 22:52

Officials put under arms (Photo)


A delusion to create a so-called territorial defense system has not been forgotten.

On 13-14 November general Kasinets carried out military gathering in Vitebsk. He gathered more than 70 people. Among them were the heads of enforcing agencies of the Pridvinne region, chairmen of district and city executive committees, representatives of the enterprises developing innovational means of defense, armory and special technical equipment, Narodnaya Volia reports.

The gathering opened with an organizational meeting where the head of the Vitebsk executive committee Aliaksandr Kasinets summed up the execution of the measures aimed at improving the territorial defense of the Vitebsk region in the current year and defined the tasks for 2013.

Then the participants visited a checkpoint at the Beshankovichy highway. There a complex military practice took place, which included organization of service at a checkpoint, its protection from gunmen units, inspection transport able to carry arms and drugs, mine clearing of an object, filled with unknown explosives, detention of a subversive group and other.

Later the event moved to the storehouse number 1 of the Belarusneft-Vitebskoblnefteproduct enterprise. A practice in organization of defense of an object of territorial defense, planned preventive observation system, access control and insider regimes and also elimination of consequences of subversion with showing of special technical equipment took place there.

Summing up the outcomes of the gathering the chairman of the Votebsk regional executive committee, the head of the territorial defense zone number 4 Aliaksandr Kasinets noted, that the forces of the territorial defense of the Vitebsk region, which are a part of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus, had worked perfectly. However, Kasinets himself has not learned to wear army boots and he is not going to knead mud at a polygon. His field uniform is still equipped with light shoes. Moreover it remained unclear why to organize such expensive excursions to polygons for the region’s administration and entertain them with a war game with the use of real equipment in the conditions of catastrophic deficiency of resources.