22 January 2018, Monday, 13:28

Belarusian MP Sameseika insults Polish ambassador


Member of parliament Mikalai Samaseika accused Leszek Szarepka of “empty rhetoric” and “revanchism”.

He said about remarks by the head of the Polish diplomatic mission in Belarus: “I have the impression that the Polish dream about the revanche is still popular in the Polish elite and the ambassador forgot about the principles and rules of staying in the hosting country for diplomatic representatives,” Minskaya Pravda newspaper reports.

Mikalai Sameseika says commenting on ambassador's remarks: “Leszek Szarepka's remark that he doesn't see double standards in evaluation of inappropriate use of force against rallies in Poland demonstrates the policy of double standards. Mr Ambassador seems to practice empty rhetoric and use the principle what is legitimate for Jupiter, is not legitimate for oxen.”

The MP also comments on ambassador's remark about backing the Belarusian opposition by Poland.

“Mr Szarepka forgot to mention that most of western grants go to opposition members, who spend them on their own discretion probably supposing they and Mr Ambassador are decent representatives of civil society,” the MP noted.

The Ambassador of Poland held a press conference yesterday and called to release and rehabilitate political prisoners.