21 January 2018, Sunday, 7:35

Sivakou speaks about abduction of politicians: It was my fault


A former interior minister made an unexpected statement.

“What rebukes do you usually hear from people?” a Pressball journalist Syarhei Shchurko asked the former minister in an interview.

“Perhaps, any reasonable person, who has never met me personally but only heard about Sivakou, associated my name with the disappeared politicians. Well... I am responsible for that. It was, is and will be my fault,” he said.

In 1999, acting chairman of the Supreme Council of Belarus Viktar Hanchar, businessman Anatol Krasouski and former interior minister Yury Zakharanka disappeared. Later, journalist Dzmitry Zavadski disappeared, Salidarnast reminds. According to disclosed documents (including the report by deputy interior minister Mikalai Lapatik), the opposition politicians and public figures were killed by the “death squad” on the order of top officials. Yury Sivakou was mentioned among the people involved in the abductions and killings. As well as other Belarusian officials, he was put on the EU blacklist.