22 January 2018, Monday, 19:35

Yury Khashchavatski: Let's appoint army general as minister of culture!


A famous Belarusian film director comments on the resignation of Belarusian minister of culture Pavel Latushka.

Pavel Latushka can speak Belarusian. It may be the reason why he has been removed from his post of minister of culture. You know, they are all grey people in the grey government of the faceless authorities. They have one voice and one head for all. People are sick and tired of hearing this voice for 18 years. It is impossible to look at this face. We are tired of it,” famous Belarusian filmmaker Yury Khashchavatski told charter97.org.

“It won't give any results. These steps are not changes. It is the Brownian motion. As our guarantor of the Constitution has the Brownian motion in his head, the rest is chaos, too,” the filmmaker said.

Yury Khashchavatski says Latushka might have been resigned for elements of Belarusisation in culture:

“I don't see any reasons for the dismissal except for Belarusian elements in culture. Even at Listapad, the presidential film festival, the grand prix was given to the movie based on Bykau's story. Belarusian culture behaves not like Lukashenka wants. Perhaps Latushka was found guilty of it as the minister of culture.”

The director doesn't rule out the possibility of appointing an army general as new minister of culture:

“Maybe Lukashenka wants to give the post of the minister of culture to a general, to make culture more disciplined. It's his way of thinking now – he once wanted to appoint a general as Minsk mayor to make people march and not boycott 'elections'. Lukashenka perhaps thinks if he appoints a general, more Russian language will appear in culture and it will serve to the priorities he has in his head.”

Lukashenka wants to see the Ministry of Culture as another security body, Yury Khashchavatski is confident:

“The general will praise the ugly building called the National Library and bow to him for 'great achievements' at the Slavonic Bazaar festival. Belarusian culture will be modified to suit tastes of Lukashenka, not 'lowlifes' whom he doesn't understand and whom he is afraid of. He wants culture to be turned into a law-enforcement ministry.”

It should be reminded that Lukashenka removed Pavel Latushka from the post of minister of culture and appointed ambassador to France with concurrent accreditation as Resident Representative of Belarus in UNESCO.