18 January 2018, Thursday, 4:43

Szerepka: There's no room for special diplomacy in Belarus


Therefore, the EU's position with regard to political prisoners in our country should be conveyed simply and clearly.

The accusations that Leszek Szerepka allegedly forgot about "the principles and rules of a diplomatic representative in the host country" at his press conference do not correspond with the reality. This is how the Polish Ambassador commented the statement of Mikalaj Samaseyka. 

Leszek Szerepka said: "I, as usual, was trying to be sincere in what I say. I say the things that must be said to make the other party understand. There is no room for any kind of special diplomacy. Diplomacy should be implemented in normal conditions, and here we have not absolutely normal conditions. "

According to the diplomat, the newly elected Chairman of the foreign affairs committee of the parliament of Belarus Mikalaj Samaseyka is "a new person in the diplomatic and international field and is not fully aware in the statements of foreign ambassadors."

The Polish Ambassador reminded once again the European Union's position with regard to political prisoners and death penalty in our country at the press-conference. He also said that the EU financed not the opposition, but the civil society. MP Mikalaj Samaseyka commented the Ambassador's words to the Polish media and said that "the Polish dream about the revenge in the East still lives", and that Szerepka's statements on financing solely the civil society do not correspond with the reality".