19 January 2018, Friday, 10:04

Criminal assets under protection of officials


The authorities control all shadow businesses in the country.

There is no capital in Belarus that might be put on amnesty theoretically. This thought was expressed by Leanid Zaika, the head of Strategy analytical centre, Zavtra Tvoyei Stranyreports.

“The criminal capital works under protection. It can hardly be called criminal. Similar to the story with solvents, incomes are derived due to protection of certain officials,” the expert thinks.

The economist is confident the amnesty won't be effective in Belarus.

“It may become a demonstrative gesture to show liberalisation, but it is not our method in reality. Some people in Belarus may want amnesty, but all businesses in the countries are under control. Once someone's business reached a more or less high level, governmental officials either took it under their control or took it away from a businessman. Some managed to keep their businesses. As a rule, they collaborated with the government – Vladimir Peftiyev and Yuri Chizh. We don't have prominent Belarusian businessmen who have successful businesses abroad. We don't have sources to gain rapid growth of capital and have problems with the authorities,” Leanid Zaika stresses.

It should be reminded that Viktar Kamyankou, the chairman of the Supreme Economic Court, said yesterday the current legislation didn't allow to held an amnesty of capital in Belarus.