17 January 2018, Wednesday, 4:19

Investigation Committee to be cut too


After making a decision to reduce the KGB staff, the Belarusian dictator announced personnel cuts in the Investigation Committee.

“The first months of the work of the Investigation Committee showed the necessity to adjust the size of the staff and committee' structure,” Lukashenka said. As a positive point, he noted that he meant the reduction in the previously determined number of staff, the presidential press service says in a release regarding Lukashenka's meeting with newly appointed committee's head Valery Shayeu. Committee's previous head, Valery Vakulchyk, was appointed KGB chief some days ago after Vadzim Zaitsau was relieved of his post.

The head of state emphasized the money saved from optimisation of staff's size and structure should belong to the committee: “Be it the KGB, the public prosecution office, the Investigation Committee or the police, the money should be kept and used for the development of the structure and for pay rises for employees,” he said and ordered head of the Security Council Leanid Maltsau to control the matter.

The press release says main directions of committee's optimisation as well as formation of interregional departments of the Investigation Committee and more compact subdivisions were discussed at the meeting.

“As for the structure, it is a working issue. We have a previous arrangement that we will approve the suggested new structure of the Investigation Committee if it is needed and if no one objects. It is right that we don't delay it. If you see any shortcomings and flaws, you should fix them right now” Lukashenka said.

The dictator said yesterday about the possible reduction in the KGB personnel:

“As the president, I see what is going on outside and inside our country and how much efforts I spend to keep the country, to prevent it from being cut into pieces and pulled apart,” Lukashenka continued. “You see it themselves.  Seeing is not enough, we need to put maximum efforts to maintain the integrity, immunity and security of our country. We are ready to offer any conditions for such officers. Let their number be not 12,000, not 10,000 or even 6,000 people. Even if 3,000 people are left, but they will be devoted to the state. Such people Vakulchyk will work with. The rest may go wherever they want.”