23 January 2018, Tuesday, 3:10

Youry Khashchavatski: Cinema must search for a Spartak


The famous film director commented on the idea of creation of a cult of a worker by series about locksmiths.

“People, who have suggested that, do not understand the main thing – there is no working class, there are simple slaves. That is why they can only picture the noble work of the slaves in cinema and improve the image of slavery as the best system there is”, - the famous Belarusian film director Youry Khashchavatski told the charter97.org web-site.

According to the director, Belarusian officials want to make slavery attractive:

“Who a worker is? It is a highly qualified proletarian, who has his own views on how production should function, how to maintain it in a right way. In Japan, in the States the workers have huge, colossal rights. What do we have? Our workers are only called workers, but in reality they tried and made them slaves long ago.

That is why those who say that there is a need to improve the image of a working person, actually mean that slavery should be made attractive. We reach slavery in the depth of centuries, passing by all the previous economic formations. We have already passed feudalism, actually feudal is the chief person here. But he is not against becoming a slave owner, he almost have become one, having made his slaves out of the whole working class in Belarus”.

Cinema should not deal with a cult of slavery, but with a search for a Spartak, Youry Khashchavatski is sure: “The question is whether we will have a Spartak. Will he appear among the workers? Or are they ready to live in slavery for couple more centuries? That is the question that is what is interesting to do in cinema – to search for a Spartak”.

We would remind, that recently officials have come up with an idea of how to increase the prestige of working professions – to create a cult of a worker with TV series about locksmiths.

Thus, the director of the Vileika State vocational college Igar Kitsikau stated: “It seems to me that maestros of culture should join the popularization of working professions. Lenin rightly said that one cinema was the most important art. We should produce youth TV series”.