16 January 2018, Tuesday, 16:50

Tax inspection is set against Mikalai Dzemidzenka


The inspection is interested in how the deputy chairman of the Young Front pays for his foreign trips.

“Today in the morning they called my mother from the tax inspection’s office and asked for me to call them. I called back, it turned out that they were interested in my travels abroad”, - the deputy chairman of the Young Front Mikalai Dzemidzenka told the charter97.org web-site.

The Young Front activist connects such an interest with his activity:

“It is not the first precedent when a tax inspection goes after the people who are politically active in Belarus. It is absolutely clear that it is connected to my civic and political activity”.

According to Mikalai Dzemidzenka the tax inspectors did not themselves realize what they wanted form him.

“I explained to them that there was nothing criminal in my travels, they had exclusively personal nature. That is how it ended, they did not really insist. They said they would call back if they needed any any more information. I think the next step will be a demand to fill in a tax declaration. It was clear that they did not completely understand themselves what they wanted from me. They simply received an order – to ask me why I often go abroad”.

We would remind that no so long ago the Ministry for Taxation and Duties for Minsk’s Frunze district requested a declaration of incomes and property for the past ten years from the head of the public association “Legal assistance to citizens” Aleg Volchak.

Earlier the tax inspection required the chairman of the United Civic Party to submit a similar declaration.