22 January 2018, Monday, 7:39

National Bank will forbid paying for expensive purchases in cash


This suggestion was voiced today by the deputy chairman of the board of the National Bank of Belarus Siargei Dubkou.

Belarus’ National Bank suggests to legally establish a demand of paying cashless for goods and services worth 100 and more times more than the basic unit rate.

They also plan on eliminating the possibility of cash paybacks to customers in case of returns of goods and services, a payment for which was cashless in the amount of 100 times more expensive than the basic unit rate, BelTA reports.

At the same time in Belarus they plan to extend the list of points where cards are accepted for payments.

Apart from that there is a plan to establish a majorly 24 hour access to the self-service equipment like ATMs and pay terminals for plastic cards holders. The issue of introducing contactless payment systems for cashless payments will be worked through. It includes the issue of payments for public transport.  Among the plans is to involve new payment agents and service carriers to the Single Payment Information Space, to supplement the list of services with new ones, which will be based on the cashless principle.