21 January 2018, Sunday, 9:22

Department of Financial Investigations fined Leu Margolin for 1.5 million


The criminal case against the politician failed and they filed an administrative one.

Department of Financial Investigations fined the deputy chairman of the United Civic Party Leu Margolin for allegedly “violating bookkeeping rules” for 15 basic units. Before that they tried to hold the politician criminally responsible. He told about that to the charter97.org web-site:

“We have such an agency – Department of Financial Investigations (DFI) – it is financial police, which usually deals with serious economic crimes, who caused harm to the budget or the state. They have already fined me for my political activity”.

According to Leu Margolin, DFI looked at his travels abroad, those were on weekdays:

“The inspection at my workplace started exactly one day before my registration as a candidate for the parliamentary elections and went on for almost three month. During that time they called me for conversations three times. There was practically nothing to grab onto. I work half-time that is why in the table I have four working hours a day. They made an inquiry to the State Border Committee asking when I crossed the border in the past three years. An inspection was held to find out which of these days were holidays, which were weekdays”.

After that the financial police asked the enterprise’s administration whether the politician’s salary was cut for leaving the country on weekdays:

“The director asked that it was not cut and this is true. Sometimes an accountant has to work eight hours, sometimes there is no work – it does not account for four hours every day. That is why we beforehand agreed with the director in the contract about summing the working time. The sum is counted in the end of a month according to the factual amount of accounting works carried out”.

First they wanted to file a criminal case against Leu Margolin, but it did not work out:

“First they were planning on filing a criminal case against me. Apparently for stealing from an enterprise – they imagined that if I had additional hours, than I had additional salary. Or may be for fraud, I do not know for sure. But as long as they did not manage to do that as there was no harm to the enterprise, they applied an article from the Administrative Code about “violating the rules of bookkeeping”. This article is very vague and the punishment for its violation is a fine from four to twenty basic units”.

The politician considers that in fact he was fined for the political activity:

“Considering that the amount of the fine was defined as close to the maximum one – 15 basic unit, I have the only conclusion left that it is done for political reasons”.

We would remind that on 21 November a tax inspection looked for the deputy chairman of the Young Frond Mikalai Dzemidzenka. They wondered how he paid for his travel abroad. Also on 21 November a human rights activist from Gomel Leanid Sudalenka was fined for 500.000 rubles for “violating the procedure of submitting a tax declaration”.

Not long ago the Ministry for Taxation and Duties’ department for Minsk’s Frunze district requested that the head of a public association “Legal assistance to citizens” Aleg Volchak to submit a declaration of incomes and property for the past ten years. Earlier a tax inspection demanded a similar declaration from the chairman of the United Civic Party Anatol Liabedzka.