20 January 2018, Saturday, 2:08

Iryna Khalip's email and Skype account hacked


A journalist thinks it is the work of the secret services.

Iryna Khalip told the website charter97.org that she received a message from the Google support team reporting about an unauthorised access to her account.  The journalist was unable to sign in to her account at 10 a.m., because her password had been changed an hour before.

Journalist's Skype account was also hacked and the password was changed. Moreover, files with viruses are being sent to her contacts.

“It's clear that the secret services try to trace my conversations with my husband Andrei Sannikov, who has to live in the UK now. They probably try to control him and learn where he goes, whom he meets, what he talks about, because every evening we tell each other how the day went,” the wife of the former presidential candidate thinks.

It should be reminded that Iryna Khalip serves a two-year suspended sentence for participating in a protest rally against the rigged presidential election results in 2010.