17 January 2018, Wednesday, 1:47

Heroes’ Day


On 27 November 1920 the warfare started between the Slutsk BPR’s regiments and the Red Army.

Belarusian patriots celebrate this day as the Day of Heroes.

The cessation of the war between Soviet Russia and Poland gave a possibility to renew the fight for Belarus’ independence. At the territories left by the Polish troops, but not yet occupied by Bolsheviks, local self-government bodies were formed. In November 1920 the Slutsk Council was created. It proclaimed the restoration of the authority of Belarusian Public Republic. According to the Council’s decision, the formation of military brigades out of the locals started.

Battles between the squadrons, formed mostly out of the peasants of the Slutsk district, and Bolsheviks lasted for roughly a month. The situation on the front was reversed only by the decision to transfer additional Red Army regiments from Central Russia to the Belarusian territory.  At the end of December 1920 the insurgents had to back off to the territory of Western Belarus, which was controlled by the Polish military.

The “Slutski Zbroiny Chyn” (Slutsk Military Resistance) became a role model for many other citizens of the country. The Belarusians continued a partisan fight against Bolsheviks after the Red Army occupied the territory of the Slutsk district.